Automotive Photography Nature Photography Special Event Photography
A private photo shoot usually last about two hours.  The best time for a shoot is late afternoon hours or overcast days, which will provide the optimum lighting to capture your ride at its best.

Our specialty is action images, we like to capture your vehicle negotiating a turn, or accelerating down the highway.  Burnout, where legal can also be very exciting to photograph!

Most single images are made 11” X14”, however special requests for larger images are available.  A collage of images can also be made featuring the best images which highlight your vehicle.

Checkout our Automotive Gallery for some examples of our work.

God made it, we capture it!

Animal photography in the wild or in manmade settings.  We photograph everything from your family pet to the numerous creatures of the sea.

Landscapes and seascapes capture some of nature’s most spectacular scenes, sunrise, sunsets, rainbows, and storms, all have a place for that special image.

Checkout our Nature Gallery for some examples of our work.

We can arrange to photograph a special fishing trip or a hunting trip.  Being an avid sportsman, I know where to position myself to be out of harm’s way, yet in position to capture that moment with vivid images.

Golf outings can be captures with images of the players while warming up or out on the course, a great way to remember the outing.  Individual photos or photos of the foursome are some of the favorite selections.

Birthday parties are special events, and we can capture those moment with still images as well as a slide slow disc.

Special corporate, or private events featuring guest speakers can be tastefully captured with discrete photos of that event. 

We also provide photographic services to photograph industrial equipment for website, and catalog images.

Checkout our Special Events Gallery for some examples of our work.


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